There is a vibrant research ecosystem at our university. This dynamic community attracts researchers, academics, entrepreneurs and students of the highest calibre.


Global Rankings

Global Rankings

NUI Galway has moved to the Top 200 list of Most International Universities in the World in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Top 200 THE World Ranking

THE Rankings

Research Impact

Research Impact

A number of NUI Galway researchers have been included among the most "influential names in science", according to Thomson Reuters.

Highly Cited Researchers

Research Matters

Our Teaching

Our Teaching

NUI Galway has been awarded the Excellent International Student Satisfaction Award 2015 and also ranked 2nd in Ireland for the International Student Experience.

Student Satisfaction

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Advancing Medicine Through Discovery

Biomedical Science and Engineering 

From developing biomaterials to mend damaged heart tissue, to clinical trials using stem cells to treat the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Our researchers are shaping the future. Researchers focus on some of the major medical challenges that face the world today including cardiovascular disease, cancer, orthopaedic disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.

Our world-leading biosciences groups work on regenerative medicine and stem cell research, cancer biology, apoptosis, chromosome biology, biomechanics and biomaterials. Be inspired.

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Research Themes

The University has five cross-disciplinary research themes, building on our international success. Each research area is home to world-leading research institutes. We focus on research that serves and anticipates economic, societal and cultural needs.

Developing Next Generation Technologies

Informatics, Data Analytics, Physical and Computational Sciences

From harnessing Big Data to advance business and benefit society, to helping patients by improving medical imaging. Our researchers are shaping the future. Our researchers use their world-wide network of partners to take part in global standardisation efforts and to improve the way people and businesses communicate and interact.

We also address the problems presented by vast data sets flowing from imaging activities that need significant computing power to reduce, analyse and visualize. Further research looks at modelling and simulation, which are integral to almost all physical and biological sciences.

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Research Areas

NUI Galway is recognised as a world-leader in our five priority research areas.

These cross-disciplinary research areas are home to research institutes of great repute. They attract the highest calibre of researchers, academics, entrepreneurs and students. We continue to develop our research priorities in addition to supporting emerging and cross-cutting research.

Developing a Sustainable Future

Environment, Marine and Energy

From discovering new ecosystems in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, to improving food crops in developing countries with genome sequencing. Our researchers are shaping the future.

Research in this area covers environmental change and modelling, atmospheric studies, biodiversity and bioinformatics, marine science and law, and sustainable energy. Our efforts help address the dilemma between balanced economic growth and environmental impact. We work towards enhanced energy efficiencies and conservation methods, renewable energy sources and advanced environmental technologies. 

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Research and Innovation at NUI Galway

Situated on the edge of Europe, NUI Galway is a dynamic location for research and innovation.  Our approach is to be collaborative, creative, interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial. We partner with almost 3,000 research institutes worldwide to create global networks of expertise.

Touching Lives, Changing Futures

Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy

From the challenges of business and society, where our innovative thinking is bringing real change, to the daily lives of the marginalised, where our research can improve government policy. Our researchers are shaping the future. Research programmes in this area examine economic innovation, social change, social inclusion, balanced development and health.

Looking across the lifecourse, from childhood to old age, we undertake focused reviews of key policy areas. This allows us to collaborate with policy makers in the development of new policies. It also allows us to work closely with local, regional and international groups on developing and designing new services.

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Research and Innovation at NUI Galway

Our research address issues of international economic and societal importance. We are tackling major medical challenges through stem cell science, harnessing Big Data, modelling environmental change and informing decision-makers in business and society. Our research leads to life changing discoveries and policies that shape the future both nationally and internationally. We are bringing bold ideas to life.

Understanding our Past for a Better Future

Humanities in Context, including Digital Humanities

From the annals of Irish cultural archives, brought to life by our digital technology, to understanding the present by examining our history. Our researchers are shaping the future.

Research in the humanities is a vibrant area for scholarship and debate. Programmes include research into Ireland’s presence within the European and global community and its contribution to international developments. We also focus on the Irish language and cultural studies.

We house an exemplary collection of archives dating from the 15th Century. Theatre, film and performing arts collections come from the Abbey, Druid and Taibhearc na Gaillimh, Siobhán McKenna and John Huston; literary from John McGahern, Tom Kilroy and Tim Robinson; and history and politics from Brendan Duddy, Kevin Boyle and Michael Cusack. 

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