Centre for Disability Law & Policy

Staff NameTitlePhone
 Quinn, Prof. Gerard Director  3014
 Flynn, Dr. Eilionóir Deputy Director & Senior Lecturer  4010

Gooding, Dr. Piers

Research Associate  4272

Keogh, Dr. Sinead

Post-doctoral Researcher  
Kline, Ms. Jenni Research Assistant  4016
Terrins, Mr. JB Business and Strategic Development Manager   2085
Faherty, Ms. Mary Administrator  5888
Forde, Ms. Joanna Project Manager – PERSON and DREAM  4272
Buckley, Dr. Lucy-Ann  Affiliated Faculty  
Conaty, Mr. Frank Affiliated Faculty  
Kenna, Dr. Padraic   Affiliated Faculty  
Connolly, Ms. Ursula  Affiliated Faculty  
Keys,  Dr. Mary Executive Management Committee  
O'Mahony, Dr. Charles Executive Management Committee  
Quinlivan, Ms. Shivaun  Executive Management Committee  
Baker, Prof. Paul M.A. Adjunct Professor  
Blanck, Prof. Peter Adjunct Professor  
Bickenbach, Prof. Jerome  Adjunct Professor  
Driscoll, Mr. Dennis Adjunct Professor  
Gombos, Prof. Gabor Adjunct Professor  
Noonan Walsh, Prof. Patricia Adjunct Professor  
Pathare, Dr. Soumitra Adjunct Professor  
Priestley, Prof. Mark Adjunct Professor