Student Success Coaching

Success Coaches support students to take an active role in ‘designing their lives’ in order to achieve their unique academic, personal and life goals during their time at NUI Galway.

Students can work with a coach to:

•Navigate their successful transition into university life and community,
•Increase their self-awareness with the aim to maximise their interests, talents and values,
•Make decisions about their educational and professional goals including module choices,
•Explore co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities - e.g. societies, clubs, CEIM peer learning, that can complement and support their degree, or just to
•Connect students more closely with fellow students and their university community.

The Coaches run interactive workshops, applying the Stanford Design Your Life model. They also offer one to one or group coaching sessions where you can have honest conversations, map out life goals, identify possible barriers to success and develop a personal action plan

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