Getting Started in NUI Galway

Congratulations on getting a place at NUI Galway. Welcome to our University.   We hope you find the information on this page helpful.

Find out all you need to know by reading our First Year Guide. The First Year Guide will be available in early August here.

Will the university send me any information before I start?

Yes, carefully read all the literature sent to you by the University. You will receive the timetable for academic and social events for the 1st week.


Is there anyone I can talk to about coming to NUIG before I arrive? 

Yes, you can ring our Hotline on 091 493999 where your queries will be dealth with.  

Also, you will be emailed the name, email address and contact phone number for your mentor before you start college.  Your mentor is a 2nd or 3rd year student who will be able to tell you about comming to University, your studies and what to expect - they are fully trained to answer your queries and if they are unable they will refer you to the appropriate person.


Want to find out about activating your Campus Computer Account?                                                         

Your Campus Account provides access to all computing services for students ( other than email).  Information on activating your Campus Account.

I used to have support for my disability when at school, is there any at university?

If you filled in the Disability section on your CAO Form. The University Disability Support Service will contact you. If you didn’t you should contact the Disability Support Service. A variety of supports are made  available to students with Disabilities. To find out more check the website at:

How will I find my way around the campus?

You will be given the opportunity of part-taking in a Campus Tour in your first week.  Please check your timetable for the times.

What about fees, grants, scholarships and cost of living while at college?

Information on all of these is at . Students are advised to carefully manage their money. Another source of information on student finance is

Where do I find information about my Course?

Find out about your particular Course at:

What about books, academic materials, etc.?

You’ll get information in your College Handbook and at Orientation. The Handbook will either be sent to you in the post or given to you at Orientation. There is a Bookshop on campus and the Student Union operate a Second-hand Bookstore:

What about Parking?

Student parking is available on campus. However you must be a registered student and receive a parking permit in order to be allowed to park on campus. Find out more information on parking and parking permits here.

Information is available on for students with a disability.

Are there Banks on Campus?

There are two Banks servicing the campus. Bank of Ireland is on Campus and AIB is adjacent to the Campus. Branches of other banks are located in the City centre