New Research in Biochemistry
Feb 27 2017 Posted: 12:33 GMT

 A project coordinated by NUI Galway, releases new findings on cell communication leading to further research into treatments for cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes

The Horizon 2020 funded project TrainERS and coordinated by NUI Galway, has released new findings on how communication is coordinated between the inside and outside of a cell. The discovery is set to open up new avenues for further research into treatments for Alzheimer’s, cancer and diabetes.

The discovery was made by researchers at the Laboratory of Cell Death Research and Therapy at the University of Leuven in Belgium. The Horizon 2020 funded project TrainERS, is being coordinated by Professor Afshin Samali, CÚRAM Researcher, Professor of Biochemistry and Director of the Apoptosis Research Centre (ARC) at NUI Galway. The findings were published in the scientific journal Molecular Cell.Additional information