Health Promotion Research Centre

The Health Promotion Research Centre produces research that supports the development of best practice and policy in promoting health.  The Centre is the only research centre in Ireland dedicated to health promotion. We collaborate with regional, national and international agencies on the development and evaluation of health promotion strategies.


Population Health Research

Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children (HBSC): A World Health Organisation Collaborative Cross-National Study
Survey of Lifestyles, Attitudes and Nutrition
Galway Healthy City - Mapping Galway's Health Profile
Translating the Health Behaviour of School-Age Children (HBSC) Study into Policy and Practice.
Ulysses - Bullying Among Schoolchildren with Disabilities.
Participatory Research Process (PRP).
Investigating Food Poverty Among Schoolchildren in Ireland
Health & Well-being in Middle Childhood
An Analysis of Work-life Balance, Employee Stress & Health in the Irish University Sector.

Programme Development and Evaluation

Evaluation of Zippy's Friends, An Emotional Well-Being Programme for Children in Primary School.
Evaluation of the 'Choose Safety' Health Promotion Programme.
Evaluation of the Mindout Programme in an Out-of-Schools Setting.
Healthy Together.
Scoping Research for the Development of Internet-Based Health Promotion Materials.
Healthy Eating & Physical Activity in Schools.

Health Services Research

Research into the Optimal Setting for Chlamydia Screening in Ireland.
Exploration of Risk Communication in Relation to Cryptosporidium Contamination of  the Public Water Supply.
Infant Feeding  Development of an Annotated Bibliography.

Policy Research

Development Education Research (DERN).
Best Practice in Promoting Mental Health in Socially Marginalised People in Europe (PROMO).
Development of a Data Strategy for Children in Ireland.
Connecting Health Research in Africa & Ireland Consortium (CHRAIC).
Benchmarking Implementation of the Bangkok Charter (WHO, 2005).
Toward International Collaboration on Competencies & Accreditation in Health Promotion & Health Education: The Galway Consensus Document.
Training and Accreditation in Health Promotion in Europe Including Professional Standards and Competencies.
Substance Use in New Communities in the West of Ireland.
Ethical Review & Children's Research.

Researchers in this centre have access to the following facilities and equipment:

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