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If you have had a gap in your education, or you would like to come back to University, we have an Adult Learning and Professional Development course for you.

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Course Name Category
Adult Learning & Development (Masters) Training & Education
Archaeology (Diploma) Humanities
Humanities / Social Sciences (Degree/Diploma) Humanities
Business (Foundation) Returning to Learning
Business / Commerce (Degree/Diploma) Business / Management
Community & Family Studies (BA) Community Development
Community Development Practice (Diploma/Certificate) Community Development
Employee Assistance & Social Support (Diploma/Certificate) Human Resource Management
English Literature (Diploma) Humanities
French (Diploma) Languages
Gaeilge (Diop - Leibhéal B2 & C1) Languages
Gaeilge Fheidhmeach (Céim) Languages
Gemmology (Diploma) Science
General Studies (Cert) Humanities
General Studies (Diploma) Humanities
German (Diploma) Languages
Health Promotion (Certificate) Humanities
History (Diploma) Humanities
Innovation Management (PDip) Business / Management
Italian (Diploma) Languages
Medical Device Science (Specialist Diploma) Science & Technology
Irish (Dip - Level A2 & B2) Languages
Psychology of Counselling (Diploma/Certificate) Humanities
Rural Development (Bsc/Dip) Socio-Economics
Science & Technology Studies (BSc/Dip Modular) Science & Technology
Science, Technology, & Engineering (Foundation) Science & Technology
Screenwriting (Certificate) Humanities
Short Courses (non-accredited) Humanities
Social Care (Degree/Diploma/Certificate) Social Care
Social Gerontology (Diploma) Socio-Economics
Software Engineering & Database Technologies (MSc) Information Technology
Spanish (Diploma) Languages
Teaching English as a Foreign Language - TEFL (PCert) Languages
Teaching English as a Foreign Language - TEFL (PDip) Languages
Technology Commercialisation (PDip) Business / Management
Technology Management (MSc) Business / Management
Training & Education (Degree/Diploma/Certificate) Training & Education
Training & Education (Foundation Diploma) Training & Education
Early Childhood Studies & Practice (Degree/Diploma/Certificate) Training & Education
Geology (Diploma) Science
Environmental Sustainability (Specialist Diploma) Science & Technology
Form and Function of the Human Body (Specialist Diploma) Science & Technology
Lean and Quality Systems (Specialist Diploma) Science & Technology
Italian online (Diploma) Languages
International Business & Financial Markets (Diploma) Business / Management
Software Engineering (HDip) Information Technology
Practice Based Play Therapy (P Cert/Dip) Humanities
Skills for Professional Development (Foundation Diploma) Training & Education
Irish Music Studies (Diploma) Humanities
Professional Diploma in Education (Further Education) Training & Education
Irish Music Studies (Certificate) Humanities
Business Analytics (Diploma) Business / Management
Advanced Trainer Skills (Certificate) Training & Education
E-Business Analysis (Diploma) Business / Management
Diploma in Foundation Studies: Access Course for Higher Education – Mature Students n/a
Diploma in Foundation Studies: Access Courses for Higher Education – School Leavers n/a
Youth Leadership and Community Action (Foundation Certificate) n/a
Irish Food Studies (Diploma) Humanities
Irish Studies Online (Diploma) Humanities