Digital Scholarship Seminar Archive

Details of previous seminars.

Digital Scholarship Seminar, Autumn 2013

9 October 2013

In association with INSIGHT @ NUIGalway (formerly DERI). Speakers demonstrated how Humanities faculty and researchers can benefit from collaboration with INSIGHT @ NUIGalway’s semantic web experts and Digital Humanities and Journalism (HuJo) group.


Stefan Decker, Director of INSIGHT @ NUIGalway
Sandra Collins, Director of the Digital Repository of Ireland
Bahareh Heravi, Team leader of Digital Humanities and Journalism at INSIGHT @ NUIGalway
Handschuh, Stream leader at INSIGHT @ NUIGalway
Paul Buitelaar, Stream leader at INSIGHT @ NUIGalway

20 November 2013

Hilary Dully
Digital issues in practice-based research

Ciara Griffin
The author is glitched: media-specificity and the non-Western writer

12 December 2013

Lillis Ó Laoire & Micheál Mac Lochlainn
On the Joe Heaney Archive.

Mark Stansbury
What’s digital about digital humanities?


Digital Scholarship Seminar, Spring 2013

21 March 2013

Marina Ansaldo
Reading East: From concept to live online resource

Meaghan Connell
The Corpus of Hiberno-English Literary Dialect: preliminary results and analysis

18 April 2013

Adrian Grant
Historians and new technologies

Alison McNamara
An examination of gesture-based devices in the mathematics post-primary classroom in Ireland

14 May 2013

Deirdre Ní Chonghaile
Amhráin Árann — Aran Songs: Collaborating to create a digital-friendly music resource

Patricia Prieto Blanco 
Digital materiality and the constitution of spaces of familial interaction through photography