Structured PhD (Business, Public Policy & Law) - full-time

College of Business, Public Policy, & Law,
J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics

Course overview

The Structured PhD is a 4-year full time programme (360 ECTS).

New entrants will normally register for the programme in September of each year.

Each student must obtain a minimum of 30 ECTS through ‘structured’ modules having a taught or ‘skills’ component, and a maximum of 90 ECTS, but a recommended normal maximum of 45 ECTS.

The thesis remains central to the award of the PhD.

Compulsory Modules:

The only mandatory module on the Structured PhD programme is Induction (5 ECTS). During their first year all research students will attend an induction event which will acquaint the students with the research process in NUI Galway. This event is organised by the College. Research regulations, research ethics, research finances, information/library resources and other general information on the University will be provided to students.

A typical Induction Programme is as follows:
• What is a PhD? • Introduction to Research at NUI Galway • Introduction to Ethics in Research, • Introduction to Research Methodologies • Library Services‐off & online • Assessment by Supervisor upon successful completion of a Research and Professional Development Plan

Optional Modules:

Students select modules in consultation with their Supervisor and/or Graduate Research Committee from the catalogue of PhD modules

Programmes available

Structured PhD (full-time, four years)

Entry requirements

Masters degree to honours standard (or equivalent international qualification). Other evidence that signifies suitability for the programme.

Areas of interest

Broad areas of Research interest 

School of Business:
Accounting and Finance
Management Information Systems

School of Law:
Disability Law & Policy
Human Rights

Researcher profiles

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Mairead McKeon

Olivia Noone


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