Provisional 2015/16 Timetables (TBA)

Semester 1 2015/16 Timetables are currently being updated. Please note that they will be subject to change pending final room allocations from the Buildings Office and input from other Schools/Colleges in September 2015.

Please check back in late August/first week of September

Bachelor of Civil Law Timetables

  • 1st B Civil Law Timetables‌
  • 2nd B Civil Law Timetables‌
  • Final B Civil Law Timetables‌

Bachelor of Corporate Law Timetables

  • 1st B Corporate Law Timetables‌
  • 2nd B Corporate Law Timetables‌
  • Final B Corporate Law Timetables‌

LLB Timetables

  • 1st LLB Timetables‌
  • All LLB (Except 1st Year) Timetables‌

Bachelor of Arts (Legal Studies) Timetables

  • 1st BA (Legal Studies) Timetables‌
  • 2nd BA (Legal Studies) Timetables‌
  • Final BA (Legal Studies) Timetables‌

Bachelor of Arts (Public & Social Policy) Timetables

  • 1st BA (PSP) Timetables‌
  • 2nd BA (PSP) Timetables‌
  • Final BA (PSP) Timetables‌

LLM in Public Law Timetables

  • LLM in Public Law Timetables‌

Erasmus Timetables

  • Visiting Students Timetables‌

Note: These files are in *.xlsx format. If you are using a version of Office older than 2007, please download the Office Compatibility Pack. Please note that semester 2 timetables are contained on the same files under a secondary tab.

Please attempt to download the timetables and open in Excel rather than open directly in Internet Explorer, as you might not be able to see the tabs at the bottom of the file.