Arts & Social Science

You may have an interest in English, French, History or Sociology and Political Science, or you may have always wanted to pursue a diploma or a degree for career or personal development reasons. NUI Galway’s Centre for Adult Learning and Professional Development offers Arts and Social Science programmes which will introduce you to the study of languages, literature and philosophy. We work to develop your confidence in developing innovative and creative forms of thought, in assessing evidence and probabilities and in making informed, critical judgments. Our diploma programmes are usually two years in duration, where you will specialize in one particular subject area, while the degree programme offers you an exciting combination of subject areas to choose from over a four-year cycle. The Bachelor of Arts programme provides you with a flexible study route, with exit awards at certificate (one year), diploma (two years) and degree level (four years). 


Course Name

Archaeology (Diploma)

Community & Family Studies (Degree)

Community & Voluntary Sector Workshops Series

Community Development Practice (Diploma/Certificate)

Early Childhood Studies & Practice (Degree/Diploma/Certificate)

English Literature (Diploma)

Gemmology (Diploma)

General Studies Cert

General Studies Dip

Geology (Diploma)

Health Promotion (Certificate)

Health Promotion (Postgraduate Certificate)

History (Diploma)

Humanities/Social Sciences (Degree/Diploma)

Irish Food Studies (Diploma)

Irish Music Studies (Diploma)

Irish Studies Online (Diploma)

Practice-Based Play Therapy (P/Dip) 

Psychology of Counselling (Diploma/Certificate)

Screen Writing (Cert)

Short Courses (non credit) Oct. - Nov. 2014

Social Care (Degree/Diploma/Certificate)

Youth Work Practice (Certificate)