Media Directory

The NUI Galway Interactive Media Directory is designed to give those working in the media an overview of the extent of expertise available in the University. The directory lists staff who are willing, when possible, to speak on the area which they have expertise.

Staff willing to be interviewed ’as Gaeilge’ are identified by the letter G following their names.

How to Use the Media Directory

The directory is structured like an A4 publication so you can stroll through it sequentially from page to page using the normal scroll bars and arrow keys. However, the Directory as additional navigation links to make it easier to use on screen.

The alphabetical bar which runs along the top of each page are clickable links to reach areas starting with specific letters. Simply click on the desired letter and it will allow you to go direct to the specific field of expertise.

Individual entries in the index (page 2 and 3) are also clickable links which allow you to skip directly to that specific area.

   Media Directory